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About Apex

Building Consultants

Who we are

Thank you for your interest in APEX Building Consultants. Our focus is on the building envelope including roofs, walls, windows, and moisture protection. Our services include inspection/analysis, long range planning, engineering, design, project management and asset management.


The building envelope (roofs, walls, windows and hardscapes) represents a significant portion of a facility’s assets. Proper management of these assets, including routine inspection, analysis and, if necessary, repair can be crucial to an organization’s regular operations and bottom line. The complexity of these assets often requires a facility manager to work with a third party to provide resources and expertise in an ever changing industry. Apex Building Consultants can provide a full spectrum of services to assist you in effectively managing these assets.  Based on your corporate vision of facility management and the application requirements of your individual facilities, our representatives will recommend the right solutions and actions to meet your performance, budgetary, and scheduling requirements.

The team at APEX Building Consultants has over 100 years of combined experience in building envelope solutions. We have a diverse background, including consulting, architecture, engineering and project management, that allows us to offer a myriad of solutions for all building envelope issues. Apex’s principle philosophy is a client-based approach. As an independent consultant group, we are unbiased in our recommendations and analysis with no hidden agendas. We are not tied to any manufacturer, contractor, or distributor, which allows us to provide an unlimited range of solutions and options to meet the specific needs of each facility. At Apex, we believe that trust and partnership between the facility owner/manager and Apex is the foundation for successful asset management.

Our philosophy

During the course of a building’s life the exterior envelope will require attention in the form of repair, maintenance, restoration or replacement. Our goal is to provide our clients with thorough analysis, unbiased information, and tailored solutions so that they can make informed decisions and achieve predictable outcomes. We view each client as unique and take the time to fully understand their needs, adding value by protecting and extending the life of their building envelope assets.

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